Unboxing The World’s BEST Diving Watch

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SKX007 Review: https://youtu.be/186oNNE6LFM

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LA says:

T3 that is a BadA$$ watch.

Al Castill says:

What’s this watch got to do with Texas?

Nick K says:

For the price this costs, it should’ve been solar so there’s no need to open the case and ruin the water resistance.

Kasper Eriksen says:

How many 300m dives do you got?

Burkinater 48 says:

It’s not, the Rolex Submariner is king.

David Maximus says:

Seiko SKX007, like all Rolexes, made for small men. I agree that Seiko is WAY underrated. They are awesome watches. Orient is quite cool as well.

Jeff RT says:

Do they make a “J” model?

Bob Kansara says:

I can send you all the plastic, you want if that’s what keeps you happy oh my God.

Enigma Joe says:

Love watching ur videos of watches bro… really2x cool

Whyso Kebab says:

no lume shot lame review

James Wong says:

Jory, did you see the top label has the wrong model reference? SBNN031.

LEX37 says:

I will subscribe, if you give me one of your Rolexes.

Sir Tomaz says:

Worlds best.. it’s great, nice quatrz movement… but worlds best diver?? for the shiny bezel? or because of the mineral glass (hardlex seiko calls it :))).. … sure… best watch ever

Stephen Maniloff says:

I will take my Breitling M1 Chrono Avenger with the Breitling Superquartz Movement…… accurate to 1 sec/ Month…Water Resistant to 1000 Meters….Solid Titanium case …..

Because the Push Pieces are magnetically activated, The Chronograph functions can be used at depth…Really? Yeah!…………Black leather hand stitched strap ….Yellow face…..Very Cool…!

Sylvain Paquette says:

Seiko ftw.


is this a quartz ?

Dustin Dawind says:

Best diving watch? All it does is tell time. Next to useless for diving.

MrBADestroyer says:

Is the Stuhrling Original Mens 1161.33116 Nautical Regatta Sailor Swiss Quartz Divers Date Stainless Steel Watch a watch worth buying? Thank you T3!

Harry Eaton says:

500 subscribers? *checks subscribed box* Wow, that really jumped in less than a year.

True2022 says:

Of course it isnt THE best but all you’ll ever need and a beautiful watch,Not a Seiko fan but nice to see someone so in love with any watch and understand that magical feeling

Zachary Lagler says:

Lol, I live in Canada and my brother moved to Texas because of his dad’s job, he says Texas is a “Hell Hole”.
His opinion not mine…

ZZ ZZ says:

World’s best. That is a joke of course.

MrStoneycool69 says:

That’s one solid watch….

Insane Troll says:

The best dive watch outside the world is the Arcturian Megaquartz.

Manu Delmarche says:

Man: starting at 5’00” this is almost becoming orgasmic.

Jackson Putnam says:

Why no sweep hand?

paul smith says:

Quartz and hardlex! I will give it a miss.
Every single hardlex seiko I’ve had has always got scratched.
This watch should have sapphire.


So says you !! And I take it you’ve tried every dive watch then hey. And why do you even need a dive watch I really can’t picture you 100 metres deep. And we will decide what the best dive watch is thanks. A$100.00 watch is just as worthy as anything you have.

Nc says:

This guy must save a lot of money by not ever dating women.

Mark Nope says:

Best according to you.

marc yoon says:

I love SEIKO brand, but that is not dive watch anymore.
All scuba diver&free diver use dive computer.

Robert Hulcher says:

>>> GARMIN – DESCENT MK1 Dive Watch <<<

Alex H Kane says:

Seiko has quality control issues coming out of every orifice. Even the much vaunted JDM’s. I have a Turtle, a Samurai, and a SRPA81, all JDM sat on my desk. ALL have bad alignment of the chapter ring. May2018. I want to love Seiko. But boy do they make it difficult.

Albert Perez says:

Came for the watch. Subscribed cause of the jersey!

Overspray Collector says:

Lol I know that feeling ‘I dont ever want to take that watch off.. Im gonna sleep with this on!!!’

In the middle of the night:
‘I need to get this freaking thing off now!!’

dustoff499 says:

48mm…? Oh my… that’s a wall clock not a wrist watch. Sure is pretty though.

Bodhissatva Texas says:

How about the Swiss-Military 20,000′?

Danny Kennedy says:

Dude, you have excitement over watches..Lol.. Enjoy!

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