Oceanic Geo 2.0 Dive Computer Review


The Geo 2.0 dive computer from Oceanic has recently been updated to include the exclusive Oceanic Dual Algorithm which allows you to sync with your dive buddy, deep stop option and a redesigned user interface with a Step Back feature that allows you to navigate backward and forward through settings and menus.


DY B says:

thank u

Tarzan! says:

so is this completely wireless? do you hook up a wireless transmitter to the 1st stage?

Tariq Al-Raisi says:

i am really puzzled between this and Mares matrix and D4i, which one do you recommend and why? i go diving occasionaly, i will be using it as a regular watch as well. can you please state whats the pros and cons for each one?

Gerrard Dennis says:

@Tarzan07330 As Andy has mentioned its not a wireless computer, thanks for your comment Andy.

Elas Mobranch says:

everything seems to be ‘nice and easy’ LOL. It’s not a wireless computer, doesn’t measure elapsed air time via a 1st stage transmitter. But it does do 3 gases. Nice little computer if you want to dive EANx recreationally. It has an optional data link to your PC so you can download all the data.

Lubricanttechnology says:

Thanks , good video.
The pdf manual is a joke. This really helped

yabraman59 says:

how do i change the po2 on the go2

Simply Scuba says:

@sunstopper Hi, personally the D4i it has a bigger memory, wireless air option, easier to use 80% market share in the UK so pretty much everyone has a suunto (makes buddy diving easier) regards

Ram Abraham says:

Guys i need some help with the geo 2.0 i recently bought it from the local dealership, mainly for freedive use, i dived 30 dives and showed me all that i wamted but in 24 hours time log would be completely gone, for example my last dive would not show what is happening?

Josh Oconnell says:

I really am between this one and the Suunto D4 computer.
which would you go with?

Jorge Macedo says:

Can you use it to free dive

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