Garmin Descent MK1: How it works (in a crazy dive spot)

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Here’s everything you need to know about the new Garmin Descent MK1 dive watch. Or, alternatively, a bunch of really fun videos about the NEMO33 indoor dive facility. I walk through the watch and how a standard dive works (it includes gauge, single-gas, multi-gas, apnea/freediving modes, as well as the ability to plan a dive).

GoPro Hero6 Black:


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miamitreo says:

I thought garmin was sticking to the charger type on the fenix 5 type watches? I think I prefer the cradle tho, but I have the fenix 5…

kona6812 says:

Diver and biker! I like your vlog even more! Now also skiing and your the (smart divice) expert for my favorit sports!

Thomas Wylie says:

How does it compare in terms of functionality to the Sunto dive watches?

Also, is it a similar size to the 5x or bigger?

salem alkhadhari says:

Can you make a review on the apnea mood or free diving ?thank you

Active JR says:

Really interesting that Garmin has moved into this space with Suunto already having some great dive watches. At the end of the video I noticed it was a red colour screen, was this just the light or was it a setting?

karmarce says:

The main feature of this watch is the dive computer (even trimix multigas with up to 5 different deco mix ) but no info about that in your review…

togay tanyolac says:

If anyone else was wondering, the reason it does not show the No Decompression Limit during the dive is because it’s in Gauge mode. Great early video!

Juhani Väihkönen says:

Great review, answered my guestions very well. Interesting watch

Alexandr X says:

Thank you! Very interesting watch!

Daniel A. says:

DC, obviously you can use the Descent under water without any concerns of water entering inside the watch. I have a Fenix 3 and I have always been scared of using it while swimming or even in the shower. May I ask you (and I know my question is not related to this particularly video 😛 ), but could I also use the Fenix 3 inside a pool just like you are using the Descent ??


nath129 says:

This is what i have been waiting for… an all in one multi sport + dive watch. I will just have to see how this watch goes for a year before committing. But if i get this, I would get it as a backup to my perdix for tech dives.

Timothy Chea says:

has Garmin mentioned anything about a Forerunner 235 successor?

Stejay Stephen-John Rado says:

Anyone know if this would work with any transmitters or if Garmin going to release one?

Ryan Downey says:

A literal deep dive into a fitness device. 😀

Luciano Lacayo says:

I recently read this In a website but I think is wrong can you please clarify this for us?

You mentioned that Descent doesn’t have quite the same amount of fitness/training features as the Fenix 5 tell me more! The following might sound like a lot but considering the number of diving features gained and the plethora of fitness features still available it doesn’t make an impact on how powerful this watch is. I’ve listed the specs below for a full breakdown of all features available.

The Descent Mk1 won’t come preloaded with profiles for Strength, training and cardio training. It also does not come with Cardio workouts, strength workouts or the automatic rep counting feature.

In regards to training and planning/analysis features the Descent won’t come with auto multisport activities or manual multisport activities.

For running features, the Descent Mk1 has almost all the same except Vertical oscillation and ratio (the degree of ‘bounce’ in your running motion and the cost-benefit ration with stride length). Ground contact time and balance (shows how much time, in the running motion, your foot is on the ground rather than in flight and lets you check your running symmetry) and Stride length. *All of these require the compatible accessory from Garmin.

Additionally, the Descent Mk1 does not feature the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) feature that is available with the fenix 5X for cycling.

Miguel De Moya says:

Did Garmin said anything about a tank pressure sensor for air integration? That will make it perfect.

MrCapediver says:

DC…what tables do they use to set dive profiles?
Also…what about gauge calibration? Is this software driven or will it have to be sent it to be calibrated?
Will it take altitude into account for the dive plan?

Dania Aziman says:

Hi DC, have you tried the Dive IQ software on a Fenix 5s/5/5x? I was wondering if the software is comparable to a dive computer?

If it is, I would probably get it for my Fenix 5 as my backup computer 🙂

M St says:

Finally a heart rate monitor! Almost a perfect watch. With solar power and touch screen it would be perfect.

daniel pavlovic says:

Best Garmin jet! Unfortunately to expensive for me

Jaybird214 says:

I have a Fenix 5 that I love and use extensively. The Descent MK1 looks great, since it’s so similar. However the lack of air integration is a deal-breaker for me. Hopefully Garmin will consider a tank transmitter that complements the watch.

Pantelis Orphanides says:

This is crap…Suunto is the king in diving computers

nyhctrip says:

how did you actually get this ? it is not yet on the market .

Steffen H. says:

If you dont want to spend $1,499.99 for the premium version, i recommend buying fenix 5 sapphire with IQ Dive App (also uses known algorithms for diving) for twenty bugs… it works and is half as expensive.

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