The small scuba tank review – Spare Air bail out review

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squirrel_WHO? ! says:

He sounds Norwegian..

Michael Peterson says:

This is not a great safety system. A 6cf pony bottle with O2 or Nitrox would be a much safer bailout. While 3 minutes of air is enough to reach the surface from quite deep (over 130 feet) that’s not considering the increased density of the air at depth. What lasts 3 minutes at 30 feet will only last 2 at 60 feet, and so on. Also the fact that there is no way of securing the system while you are using it is troubling. If the piece got knocked out of your mouth, it’s likely to float away before you have time to recover it where as a proper tank with regulator hose can be recovered. Also you won’t be loosing $500 if it does fall out.

BrandonFleming says:

well im no diver, but if i read a load of books on it, could i use it?

bENTAFEE says:

Trodde ikke du var norsk!

FatL L says:

I’ll just use a water bottle made out of metal and suck the air out of that xD

RIXE says:

Why not use it for leisure? Is it fatal?

UnmistakeN says:

Prison break detected

Snubbster says:

I just got into diving but can’t hold my breath for more than 45 seconds even after hyperventilating. But I’m getting qualified up to 30 m next month


Its very expensive

PRO Dragon Balls says:

Where did u buy it please answer

Ahgii says:

Would be cool if it had a pressure gage just to be safe, i personally, wouldnt risk “diving” with this tank alone.

ÅdnePlays says:

Du var me dåp norske talenter

Daniel Munteanu says:

Dove si trova questo voglio comprarlo

Hayden Shehan VLOGS says:

ok ok we get it it’s not a toy dang bro

Just another Roblox pro says:

Wait why are you not spose to use it in a pool

chlangeee dt says:

Is it ok if i have the first “level”?

Moggy YT says:

Har jeg sett deg på Norske Talenter

Joshua Wilson says:

What googles do you use ?

raz says:

expensive for a little tank

diego armand says:

es una mierda

John Lemon says:

You should not buy these. They would only be useful in shallow dives but then you don’t need one. They don’t hold enough air. I use a 30 pony bottle for deep dives. If I’m not deep I don’t use any.

OmqSnazziiAustin datboi says:

sometimes i either forget to breath or i breath so soft and so little that i forget im breathing at all

TNTejas says:

why cant i use it if im not an actual diver? id love to use it

Paolo parisi says:

An idiot way to die

NoCopy says:

so you are paying for a little canister which costs 300$ it can last you 3 min at 5m deep, let me remind it costs 300$

Navraj Gill says:

you need to throw that 6:45 disvlaimer in like all your vids man, good work

olivier mc lean says:

yeeeee certified scooba diver only. just thake my fucking money like if you care if I drown using it lol

St!ckZ says:

really nice review but what about decompression?????

Trace Clark says:

were you on Norwegias got talent

CptSpeirs says:

can you refill it with compressor without using scuba bottle???

LeOnN6399 says:

Kult at du er norsk!

AlexBomBaleX says:

Thanks! A very great video i love it

Thanas Xhoxhi says:


Filip says:

Hei jeg er norsk

atentat07 says:

>not meant as a toy
But which one was meant as a toy then? Pls. advise.

Cybermarius says:

Hvor har jeg sett deg??? NORSKE TALENTER

daven kennedy says:

im like 100% going to get this for a toy

pro-self-offense says:

Long story short this thing will kill you so fast if your not experienced.

devang birje says:

I want this

林俊傑 says:


Endy The Minecart Ender World says:


Derek Graham says:

I just wish the scuba training wasent such a money grab. Any idiot can learn how to do it its just weather or not you have the balls

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