Review: Thursday Boot Co. President Boots – A Gorgeous Alternative to Mainline Heritage Brands

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Thusday Boot Co’s President model take a classic shape and traditional construction with a modern touch. I discuss the high quality leather, sources of manufacturing, and my experience breaking these boots in for the last few months. Overall impressions are very positive, these boots are a serious alternative to mainline brands especially at the $200 pricepoint.


Joshua Carroll says:

I just got a pair of Captain boots. Sensational. I ordered a half size down from my usual, and though they are a little snug they feel great. My other go-to boots are 1942 style Corcoran jump boots with the Goodyear sole (179). They have the ball toe look of the 30s, but were only 160 and last forever. You should review those sometime if you get a chance.

21 Gun Salute says:

these shoes are gonna alot more under trump

CantStopFallin says:


xv70 1 says:

what’s going on with these people wearing short pants, look ridiculous.

icetech6 says:

After watching reviews i bought a pair of thursday boots. They are easily the worst footware i have EVER owned. I am talkin worse than pro wings as a little kid. They are actually painful. The soles have ZERO cushion. I don’t mean a little.. i meant zero they are like walking on concrete all day. They feel like the soles are thicker on the outside making my feet angle inwards. I own a few pair of nice leather shoes and even cheaper ones like johnston and murphy have some cushion in them.. these are just horrible and will end up sitting in the back of a closet. Avoid at all cost!

audiogarden1 says:

well I think this review has sold me on the boots. thanks and congrats on the new job

nonesta13 says:

It’s bothering me that you don’t have trees, that boot does remind me of the allen Edmonds Higgins mill

Fred Davis says:

Thursday is a hyped up, false advertising, hipster brand trying to tout that they have constructed a boot that compete with boots in the $500 price range… get real. Get a pair of Red Wings, Chippewas, Wolverines instead of the Thursday boots (true American made quality brands). For a similar price you get way better construction. Thursday boots are not worth the ~$200 price tag. They are unlikely to be able to be resoled in the future due to all the synthetic materials and paperboard insole (vs pure leather on quality boots). This guy cut a Thursday boot in half so you can see the poor construction So make sure to look at the Thursday construction compared to a quality boot like the iron rangers before you drop 200 bones. Google “Thursday boots reddit” or something similar to find all the poor reviews from people who have much greater knowledge about boots than I ever will.

Lee says:

Dude, do you not know how to tie a boot? On the top two loops, you do the top one first and then the second to top last, that ways the force of the knot is close to where your foot meets your leg, and not up on your leg…..

Cody.J Pittman says:

These are Mexican made fashion boot that do not last very poor quality on the finishing and quality control

Eduardo Pedroza says:

What’s the difference between the President and the Captain??

Bernard Lang says:

LOL “boots” how well can you shovel the driveway with those “boots”? Can you help do a brake job in those?

Arbron1 says:

Im so ready to purchase my first boot rather then sneakers like I always do. I just get skeeved out with the creasing of the boot. It to me looks like a problem i wouldnt want to have. Are there stylish boots out there that wont crease especially in the toe box like these do?

TrojanMars1 says:

As good as A.E.?! Come on now…that good???

schlooonginator says:

I think the use of the word comfort is used too much on leather soled footware. Its more like walking barefoot on a wood floor. At best.

VF5 says:

The boots have a lot of creases from most of the photos that I saw. Is a pair of “high end” boots supposed to be like that?

Adam Bernard says:

Another great video! Congratulations on your new job as well.

Kubi says:

I am stuck between these and the Red Wing Beckmans. Which is better?…

Kriss Kross says:

What color are the boots ? – I mean the precise color name or rgb hex code

wpherigo1 says:

Hey, Andrew! What’s your opinion of the boots seven months later?

Nick says:

What do you do with the fraying that happens? Do you just leave it?

On The Spot Interviews says:

You guys keep complaining about the boots being made in Mexico. A lot of top brand boots are made from Mexico. Frye Boots for example is made in Mexico nowadays. USA is a first world and not a lot of its population is going to want to work for a shoe factory. Deal with it and be grateful to others for making your everyday clothing. Many of them come from countries like Mexico.

Jesse Watson says:

These are made outside the US and often cost more than getting a great deal on Red Wings, which are made in the USA. I didn’t pay $199 for any of my Red Wing boots or shoes, and I have quite a bit. They were brand new from Amazon.

Walter White says:

made in Mexico because the theft of the US government but NOT so fast Trump is on and will be getting the business tax down to 15% so companies like this can stay in the usa and Prosper!!!

Fin Zen says:

Really excellent review in every way. Very Pro

Fierce Krypton says:

I’m really confused how you don’t recommend Irish setter red wings yet you recommend these. The leather on Thursdays are not good and they are made in Mexico out of cowboy boot factories. The leather smells terrible and if you take some acetone to it you will quickly see that the leather is corrected grain(no matter how many times they say otherwise), also the leather starts getting creases after a week despite using shoe trees. OH MY LORS… I am writing this while WATCHING live… Did you really just compare Thursdays to Allen Edmonds!? How much are these dudes paying you? Sigh, done.

camaro Carl says:

Get what you pay for…Made in Mexico. Keeping my made in USA Redwings.

Luke Cage says:

I want those ones!

Dylan Herring says:

minor disclaimer. I bought a pair of Thursdays and i absolutely adore them. the only issue i had is caused by my feet, not the boot per say. I have high upper arches on my feet, and regrettably, the tongue of the boot is stitched to the top cap of the toe, and the stitching dug into my foot. thankfully, a small strip of duct tape over the seam (i was hesitant, but had to try it) and the problem was fixed. overall, I enjoyed your review, you hit on all of the points I most enjoyed. I am curious, did you notice the same annoyance with the stitching that I did?

Robert Ramber says:

I don’t care!! I’ll get a pair.

Luis YL says:

How much are this selling?

snid 7 says:

Leather looks very supple.

Dev9172 says:

I like them

Gregory Travers says:

hey just wondering how they’ve held up over the past 4 months?

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