Red Filters Diving with your GoPro

In this video I talk about why you need a Red filter for your GoPro if you are going diving or snorkeling. I also look at a few different brands that make awesome red filters.

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Mariola Blawat says:

I have original super suite and my red filter doesn’t fit. I try everything and it is too small. Why? Everything I’ve got is original GoPro for Hero 5 Black.

Alfred Yip says:

Hi there, I’m a newbie in gopro. I’ve just got myself a gopro 6 with super suit and some filters. I appreciate if you can advise me if I should use only red filter and not other colors? What resolution and at what fps should I be using for 40m dive( day light, blueish water and water visibility is about 20 to 25m)?

Alan Chen says:


Brian Harris says:

another disadvantage of placing the whole camera in the aftermarket knockoff is that you’re shooting through 2 layers of lens protector, which reduces your image quality.

Ken Dean says:

Hi ,I’m hoping you can help me , I am going to Hawaii in January , I plan on doing some snorkeling,not very deep , I have a basic GoPro Hero , does not come out of the water proof housing , I have purchased three different filters , one is the GoPro filter ,none seem to fit my Hero . Do you know if there is a red snorkel filter ,any brand ,that will fit , I have looked and looked and can’t seem to find any answers ,thanks

Aaron Amrow says:

Are all GoPro’s water proof??

Chris Olson says:

Have you tried the Flip5 packages? Switching lenses without having to fumble with actually remove the lens while diving would be extremely handy. You can even have a 35mm adapter and macro lens.

Saeed Alsaadi says:

Thank you for that information.. I really need to know more

hayden gray says:

I’m surprised PolarPro lenses aren’t glass. They are known for their exceptional glass lense filters

Reavendark Troy says:

Cheapest case get cheap button without any protection so in longer, you can broke your camera button… why no one speak about that ? I dont know what to buy, GoPro suck with this lens removing but they give the best case for protect your camera in longer…

Dave Dyck says:

thanks for posting, this maes a little more sense now. What do you recommend for night shots under water? does the same filter rule apply?

1 LIFE says:

thanks dude

Terri Moore says:

I used a GoPro 5 without a Supersuit snorkeling in Mexico for 1 month last year and no filter with not bad images and no problems. I was careful to inspect the seals each time. Two months later in Jamaica, first time snorkeling my camera leaked and was destroyed. I have since had the camera replaced, but I will never risk water damage again without a Supersuit. I appreciate your filter advice and look forward to trying one. Thanks for your great videos.

Julien Williams says:

Im going to Thailand and will definitely be snorkeling (only snorkel I will never scuba dive). I prefer to leave my SuperSuit on at all times for protection and peace of mind. That said, would you recommend the GoPro snorkel filter as I do not have a need for all 3 Polar pro filters and price is not a huge concern? If Im only going to be swimming on the surface shooting down so do I even need a red filter? I really want clear photos and decent range, but will not be very deep at all. The link for the GoPro snorkel filter is below. Thanks.

Louie 9000 says:

I have a gopro hero 5 dive case (aka waterproof upto 60m) and i just leave it on constantly as the hero 5’s screen and lens smash really easy so i just keep the case on and its saved my gopro at least 3 times, and due to the trible mics even with the case the audio is still better than all of the other gopro’s

Krisstems says:

Its a shame they dont sell it with the supersuite included like in the old days. The gopro hustle goes on….

steve gil says:

I will be going to Hawaii and I have bought a hero 7 black can you tell me which case i should get and which filter red or green i will be scuba diving in Kauai

rudra samrat Bhardwaj says:

In underwater housing can gopro hero record audio as well during video recording??? Please tell me …in underwater housing!!

Darrell Wood says:

what about sony FX3000 any good. Would you still get gopro

G4sp_ says:

i bought an unoriginal case with a filter included. It works awesome. My question is is there filters for outside of the water?

Sciron says:

Where is my super suit

Omer Daniel says:

Gopro said that the red filter dosent fit to the super suit.. How yours fits?

gabanze productions says:

Great review, thank you for the information.

agus riyanto says:

*An amazing camera to take snorkeling, jumping off clffs>>>****   and riding on back of motorcycle. Absolutely amazing.*

Mundo Mahalo says:

HELP PLEASE!! I went to Thailand and got a filter before going to dive. All my diving videos got super red!! Is there any chance I can repair them? I got some footage of turtles, sharks and nice memories which now they look just creepy red…

Onur Tumer says:

Can’t you just white balance it in post instead of putting on and off filters?

TheTBull8 says:

Which aftermarket housing are you using here?

Noel Dillabough says:

Can I use a super suit when snorkelling or is the (polarpro) filter too red, meaning the directly attached filter will look better? I just feel safer with the super suit attached. I won’t be deep at all <10ft

salem.fotografy says:

i’m a bit confused, if i have lightroom and photoshop do i still need to use the red filter cause my intuition tells me it decreases the light stops and definitely will affect the quality of the image since it’s plastic

Rafael Dias says:

Can i solve the blue color cast problem just on post processing on white balance? Is it similar to use a red filter?

AriZona Reel TrailZ says:

Thanks for the vid brother, cant wait to test one out fishing!

fezzes says:

how do you hold your gopro? mask mount or do you just hold it? i freedive so im looking for new mounting tips

Ponyjoe says:

Because everyone has money to buy these things lol but great information

Photography Australia says:

Just buy a sony action camera because the have a underwater mode waist of money man

Nick Junglefever says:

Thanks for the info, looking to order the PolarPro’s. Do you know if they would fit the GoPro Hero entry level?

James T. says:

I went with SJCam, more bang for the buck, the same quality.

Feint says:

The super suit is helpful because when you put the bare GoPro underwater, the water activates the touch screen often changing modes on you or entering into settings or other nonsense. Of course, you can lock the menu before entering the water but that limits your options while submerged.

That guy who cannot abide says:

0:36 – somebody needs to spend some time with that lady teaching her buoyancy control, and on top of that – how not to have to flail around with her hand(s).

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