Lacrosse Footwear | Alpha Thermal Boot Review | Waterproof Warm Comfortable

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! In this video I”ll take you through an honest review of the Lacrosse Footwear Alpha Thermal Boots. I’ll talk to you a little bit about what I use them for, some of their unique features, how they fit, are they waterproof, are they comfortable, are they warm, and what I recommend them for. Feel free to comment below if you have a similar pair and let me know how you like them!

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Jake Boss says:

I really like these boots, I had them for a couple months, i mostly use them around the yard during winter, my favorite cold weather boots are Schnee’s Granite VI, and couple other Shcnee’s Mountain boots

mission man says:

Lacrosse Are my favorite cold weather boots.

Laurynn Lindley says:

I really love my Muck Boots, i’m not crazy about the buckle on Lacrosse boots, I can also roll down the my Muck Boots, there is a little minor issue with mine though, that the lining is coming apart and separating, i do think that could possibly be do to rolling them down very often but i’m not 100% sure, they still function how they are suppose to and still keep my feet very warm, I have the Arctic Sport Pro and my absolute favorite boots for cold weather, But I do like that on these Lacrosse boots look like they have a more durable lining, and the buckle is also a minor issue, So I will give these a try

Informed Outdoors says:

I’ve been looking for a good insulated rubber boot. I’ll definitely check these out. Great in-depth review!


They look pretty light too. What sizes do they offer?

Joshua Snow says:

You are beautiful.


Me and little lady loves ur viedos keep them coming!!!! HAPPY new years tooooo!!!!! Thanks for review

Babay Bluegill says:

good job!

Joshua Lewis says:

Love it when u say, “welcome back…. to my channnnnellll!” Keep up the good work! U rock!

advosuperdad says:

Allie: 6in -9in bow stabilizer while covering ground to hunt? Why? What brand do you find favor in?

Lonny Gehring says:

Favorite pair of cold-weather boots? For me, Schnee Pacs.

Frank Warner says:

Holy Moly!! Outdoors Allie without a hat….. it’s as rare an occurrence as seeing Big Foot!! – all kidding aside, good looking boot. Love the “muck boot” style – they will keep your feet warm for sure!!

mission man says:

Is it bad that sometimes I watch your videos hoping to see Miley 🙂

avid huntr1016 says:

Great review. Had a pair of LaCrosse boots, only lasted me 2 seasons of hunting and fishing, many many miles logged in those boots. One day while getting in my boat to run to the blind for an afternoon whitetail hunt the boot filled with water. They had developed a crack at the heel where two pieces seemed to be bonded together. No complaints tho, not the warmest for sitting on an all day hunt, but for walking… boy they were very comfy. Love all your videos and congrats on your new life step. Thumbs up

Bee American says:

you shouldn’t tell on Nick looks like great boots for great lady you are so gorgeous I wish I wasn’t old

james hunter says:

Great boots

Double D says:


brookemaes77 says:

Hi Allie! I am curious how tall you are to get a better idea of First Lite pants. Also, what do you edit your videos with?

UpstateArms1 says:

Forgot to ask, did you try the pickled deer heart?

Survival USA Pro says:

Great review. Keep up the good work!

Mike Diodati says:

Looking for a pair like this, used to wear Sorels. Great video, you are dope and quite beautiful.

palindrome pictures says:

With all due respect, I think 2 months is not long enough for a boot revue. I can tell you most of the rubber boots I have owned crack after a year or two of hard use, and I’m talking about expensive boots. I think all rubber boots with hard use won’t last more than 2 seasons; bear in mind I hunt A LOT, and put many many miles on my boots. I will say a good friend of mine has LaCrosse and swears by it, and has had his for a few years and he also hunts a lot. They might be my next boots.

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