FXR X Cross Snowmobile Boot Review

Find out why the FXR X Cross Boot is one of the most popular snowmobile boots we carry. Watch our review to see what’s new with this FXR boot and why customers love it year after year. http://www.upnorthsports.com/snowmobile/snow/fxr/fxr-boots/

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[Video Transcript]

Hey guys, Seth with Up North Sports coming at you, and I’m really excited to be talking about one of my favorite boots out of any line we carry. And it’s the FXR 2017 X Cross. Now, guys, right off the bat, I want to bring up this brand new colorway that FXR has introduced this year. It is the urban camo. You will find it throughout a number of their different pieces. Really great options for putting together an extremely beautiful suit this year that really is eye-catching.
Now, you are also going to find five other colorways available in this particular boot at http://www.upnorthsports.com, so check those out. There are some really fun ones.

There is also a great size range in this boot. We are going from sizes 4 all the way to 13 in the men’s and all the way from 6 to 12 and a half for women’s. But typically, you will find on the X Cross group, it is a unisex sized boot, so men’s and ladies’ sizes are almost always on all of them, so that’s really a great feature. Something you want to keep in mind when sizing.

Any questions? You can always reach us at 866-335-8500. More than happy to help you out with any of those sizing questions or color questions.

Let’s go ahead and dive right into this boot, because this thing is incredible. And I’m going to label this as the best bang for your buck out of anything that Up North Sports offers. This X Cross boot is a phenomenal riding boot, as well as an everyday boot. You get an extremely wonderful comfort out of this, as well as great protection.

As you can see, this boot comes up the leg quite nicely. It’s going to offer, again, great protection from the snow and the cold, and it’s also going to give you good stability. Now, I’m not talking this boot’s going to be too stiff. It is rated at a five on the FXR stiffness rating, and so, that’s going to be awesome. Good ankle support, but also great flexibility. Again, a great boot you can help dig a buddy out in, stop for a bite to eat in, or just use for everyday use. Great versatility out of this.

There are 600 grams of insulation all the way throughout this. It’s going to offer great, great performance and wonderful protection. Now, it’s going to be down, even 40 below, so in those arctic temperatures, this is going to be a great boot for you while still not being too heavy in the insulation, causing an uncomfortable wear.

As you can see, there are some really beautiful high-abrasion reinforcements throughout the toe and the heel. I’m going to bring the boot around so you can take a peek at the interior portion as well. Even if you’re a real aggressive rider, and you’re really rubbing up against the machine quite a bit, it has this awesome reinforcement that is going to keep this boot in tip-top shape.


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