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This weeks film review of Das Boot (1981) by Director Wolfgang Petersen, starring Jürgen Prochnow is hosted by Gary, Iain and Jon from Off The Shelf Reviews.

The claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth, and sheer terror.

IMDB Das Boot: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082096/

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Das Boot Audio Review: https://www.amazon.co.uk/clouddrive/share?s=FTAjq0MwTicqBNnjNzM1NA


Anni Mö says:

Growing up I watched different parts and pieces of the movie with my father but never made it through the whole film. Now I’m 26 and finally managed to sit through it all – and despite me being a girl who is not very interested in war or u-boats I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very immerged. Great movie.

Oh and I watched the TV- Version in 6 parts

paxwallacejazz says:

I just found the digitally remastered uncut version in the garbage. Along with the Red Barron. Anyway along with “a bridge too far” and catch 22 and MASH it’s the best anti-war film.

MrPrice2u says:

It’s pronounced: BAOT (almost at least) Not Boot!

Numinous20111 says:

I’ve seen the subtitled TV series, but not the shortened movie version. Even though I’ve only seen it once (and I’d already seen a couple of American submarine movies) a lot of ‘Das Boot’ stayed in my memory.

MrStoneycool69 says:

The attention to detail and realism is what left an impression on me. They even went to the trouble to build a actual type VIIC sub for the movie.

Thomas Pick says:

I wish there was no WW 1 or WW2. It happened. I wish the Germans had won.

Iron_Physik says:

Fun fact: most of the original actors dubbed themselfes in the engdub version.

AlisterShufflebottom says:

They softened the script for the English version so much its ridiculous. All the bad German swearing and harshness of the original voices is watered down.

Ben Quinney says:

Pig boat

Philipp Ziegler says:

Der beste Deutsche Film bisher. Best German Movie so far.

Hons Peter says:

Watch the tv series it is so much better!

antigen4 says:

LOL i would rather have all my teeth extracted than watch that fecking HORRIBLE dubbed version – WHAT ARE YOU KIDS THINKING>??? 😛

Lorddaver says:

It’s not pronounced “Das BOOT” even though that is the spelling. You should have enough curiosity to wonder how that word is pronounced in German. “oo” in German is pronounced the same as “o” in “go”. In other words “Boot” in German is pronounced as if the word was “Boat”. Why do Brits lazily – and arrogantly – assume that the way a group of letters is pronounced in English is necessarily how it will be pronounced in the other language? No wonder we are renowned for our inability to learn other languages…

Linjac says:

You can still visit the set in Munich in the Bavaria Filmstudios..they built the whole inner part of the submarine out of metal (which resulted in actual injuries when the set was shaken by hydraulics). If you want to visit the real thing : in Bremerhafen is a sistership docked which you can enter.

paxwallacejazz says:

Just read the subtitles.

Jedski says:

If u watched it dubbed, you made a terrible mistake. I don’t speak german but I watched the original version with subs.

edit: Actually, the way u talk about the actors’ performances leads me to believe that you did watch the original version.

Drecksack1080p says:

i’m wondering if the english translation sounds as terrible to english people, as it sounds to me

Pablo Gracia says:

i don’t like the other one in the review of deep rising but in this he do better jeje

snolan1990 says:

Petersen regards the three and a half hour version as the definitive way to watch the movie.

That is what I watched and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jennifer Brewer says:

I hate depth charge attacks….. this movie has given me a recurring nightmare about it.


you have to watch The Boot in German with english subtitels – that’s the only true way to watch it and feel the true spirit of the film. Greetings from your “former enemy Germany”

ssi1991 says:

Any movie should be watched with original audio and with subs if necessary.

Philippe Gueissaz says:

Sorry guys, it is Das BOAT, Pronunciation of the german “boot” is more or less the same as the english “boat”

Ho Chi Minh was a mass-murderer says:


albedoshader says:

Just pronounce it like “boat”, not “boot”, then you’re on the right track. German “Boot” means “boat” and is also pronounced very similarly 😉

efreitor Sroul says:

ALARM!!! good job on not being BBC- biased. And its not Das Boot, Das BOO(double O)T. Its the best submarine movie, U571 is a cheap ripoff. One of the funny scenes is the first one actually, when then the two sailors piss on that Mercedes, and I thought like: shit, those guys are in trouble, but the captains commentary killed me: “Thats the fire drill”. Yeah, one of the best war movies ever.

Kenneth John Ritsema says:

Well it’s been said before down here ,”DON”T” get the English version .It’s sounds like a cartoon .
Watch the original German and also the Director’s edition (cut) The longest version you can get .A bit of educational human speaks German ….. and it’s pronounce” Dass Boat ” idiots as in ship (boat) .
“ALAAAARM ,ALAAARM !!!!FLUTEN ,FLUTEN ………………nah, manner April ,April !! Übung ist dass halbe leben!! ProbeAlarm !!!!!

hans maulwurf says:

Can you make a review of “John Rabe”?

Craig Ian Smith says:

Three things people who love this movie should do: –
1. Watch the movie in German with English Subtitles
2. Watch the Das Boot TV series
3. Read the original book.

RedDelPaPa says:

My favorite scene, when they lift their butts off the bottom of the straights of Gibraltar and break the surface once again..

MrGregroberts55 says:

I was on a fast attack nuke sub and one of the things that they don’t show is the smoke from the diesel engines, we had an emergency diesel engine that they would test run and the boat would be filled with smoke and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that smoke most of the time.
We had between 120 to 150 people on board and we had three toilets, one shower (3 minute showers) and one washer and dryer. Disgusting people would pick their nose and stick their bloody boogers on the toilet doors, I know too much info.

Great review of one of my favorite movies, thank you

Hells Angels by Howard Hughes is a great war film, the dogfight scene is amazing.

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