Are Allen Edmonds Factory Seconds Worth 50% off?

Allen Edmonds:
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Allen Edmonds shoes are in the mid-high price tier of dress shoes but they also offer a “Factory Seconds” option which is a great discount if you’re price sensitive but looking to get into this brand. Let me know if you have any questions as I deep dive!

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Christian Fleming says:

The Factory Seconds’ rubber sole looked to have a higher heel. For someone who is already tall and doesn’t particularly like the look of a thick heel, I’m leary.

tonystark19631 says:

IMO, AE recrafting is not worth it. Let’s see, pay $125 for a recraft on a shoe, or just wait for a 2nds sale and get a whole brand new shoe for ~$150-200, then if your previous one was decent, you can sell it on ebay (ebay prices are a seller’s market, I’ve seen some worn to shreds AE sell for $50+). Although TBH, AE quality has gone so far downhill, I wouldn’t even recommend 2nds to begin with.

James Monroe says:

Found some sweet Allen Edmonds at goodwill yesterday for $10. Felt like I was robbing the place

Jason Hallman says:

Where can you get the factory second AE at?

nethater says:

Allen Edmonds shoes, my opinion, are Bulky n too heavy. I like the Italian Designers’ shoes, Fratelle Rosetta, Ebarrito, and Luca di Napoli, narrow, lite, and I don’t see a half of dozen men with the same shoe as mine.

J Z says:

I have a pair that I bought when I was 21 and worked at a shoe store. I still have them. I am 58 now and they look like new. I wear them all the time and to this day I get compliments on them. Allen Edmond’s is simply the best men’s shoe out there.

Karl Seibel Jr says:

Just got mine in the mail and factory seconds are awesome. Even if they were not what I was expecting, a return is charged $25 and I believe an exchange was free. I took the chance and I came out on top. I’ve never had a “good” dress shoe before and these are my first. Some quick questions on shoes with leather soles though. How do people up north keep the soles in good condition from snow and salt in the winter months? (I suppose rain as well). Is it alright to wear them in these conditions and just need to be wiped down after I get home? Or just wear a cheap shoe in the snow and change into other shoes once inside? Thanks in advance from the newbie

stevenjm12 says:

I have several seconds and they are flawless; however, I have heard several horror stories with QC under the new ownership

Michael Graci says:

Great video Kavalier & the additional comments by Zach at AE. Allen Edmonds is my go to shoe & I wear them all the time. I’ve built a collection over the years. I love the Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Strand & StrandMok. They are all made on the 65 LAST that seems to fit my foot perfectly and incredibly comfortable. All are balmorals with an escalating range of brogue. From business to casual, it’s a great range that just plain works & look awesome. As to soles, I have leather on most & Dainite (on my Strandmoks). But I also have a couple pairs with the leather/rubber sole (V-Tread tap sole), which is a great combination & completely recraftable.

I’ve bought both 1st editions & a few factory seconds. The mild blemishes on the seconds are completely unnoticeable after a few wearings. Not to mention AE runs some great sales during the year if you want those originals.

James Archer says:

Are seconds eligible for return?

Anirudh Kashyap says:

I love your reviews and videos. I own a number of AE shoes, a couple of them are new, while the others are factory seconds. I have to say that I love both of them and there’s not a significant perceptible difference between the two. Besides, you have the same great customer service! All of my soles are the same leather soles – I don’t have any dainites. That said, if you can afford to buy the full priced ones, I’d agree with you – you can avoid any blemishes that might exist. However, if you’re starting out, the factory seconds are the way to go! The best shoes you will probably ever own.

Babak Taherian says:

The rubber sole is not a way of cost saving. The AE’s legacy designs which includes fifth avenue, are available in leather sole, combination sole and rubber sole. They all have the same price. The one you received was just a fifth avenue with rubber sole and must have been mentioned in the description.

Paul Henry says:

shoe trees bro

Barry Wuthrich says:

Good info. I buy used AE’s on ebay. I didn’t realize the Non- leather soled dress shoes were factory seconds. The sellers don’t list them as such. Thanks.

Pablo Corado says:

Hello. Are you family of Kirby? The man of hanger proyect?

Jerry Davis says:

What is really great is when you have a family member who works for AE and can hand pick a pair of seconds for you and then get an extra 30% family discount!!

Bossnian says:

Do these ship to europe? Ive been constantly suggested to buy allen edmonds but im not sure they have a store in europe

dan Era says:

Mine came with a small hole but the rest Was like a full price

Brisdad53 says:

Do the seconds ALL come with the rubber sole and is the insole visibly different or is the older shoe just worn in and comfy? Without knowing that, you’re comparing apples and hand grenades.

imaflei says:

The different soles are not because it’s a factory second, you just happened to purchase a shoe with a Dainite sole. You can usually find both types of soles available as seconds for the same price.

Clarence Lee says:

Does anyone know if ae will recraft eBay used purchases, or Nordstrom rack purchases?

Nate Kretlow says:

Seconds usually have very minor defects and are manufactured in the exact same process as first quality shoes with the same materials. After owning three pairs of seconds and a pair of firsts I would highly recommend considering seconds for the cost savings.

Much of the time you wouldn’t know if a shoe is a first of second without being otherwise told. Each pair is handmade and takes on its own character.

My recommendation would be to focus more on the fit of the shoes and how the shoes adhere to your lifestyle than the first or second quality. You will have happy feet in either option!

Sunny Mok says:

At 5:12 shows the quality of leather between two. Factory second sold half price for a reason…

Zach Clawges says:

So I work for Allen Edmonds and there are a couple things I want to correct you on

Firstly, there is no “cost saving” technique making a factory second. A factory second is a shoe that was meant to be a full price shoe. Our shoes are made by hand, so when mistakes get made, those shoes get sold as factory seconds. But absolutely no difference in the way they are made or cost to make them

Secondly, the sole of the shoe has no baring on whether or not it will become a factory second. We offer both Danite and Leather soles for both. It just happens that the factory second they had in your size was a fifth ave that was made with a danite sole. In a full price shoe, you get the option of sole types for all of the shoes in our classics collection

Third, you said the leather sole lasts longer, that’s false. The danite lasts significantly longer than leather because rubber holds up better to weather and water than leather does

Fourth, the insole also holds no baring. It’s just that every now and again we change the way our insoles look. I know that we just designed a new one again that’s a dark brown and just says “Allen Edmonds: Port Washington” that will be going in all of our shoes. So you got two shoes made during two different periods

Other than that, everything was pretty accurate. Factory seconds are random, but they’re normally pretty minor mistakes. I’ve had a pair that was just double stitched on the inside and that’s it. Changed absolutely nothing about the shoe but was enough to fail the quality test and be sold as a factory second

American1911 says:

If you know how to polish shoes you can turn factory seconds into first easily. I alway look for seconds, first when buying AE. PSA factory seconds come in all of the different sole options.
The reason the rubber sole has a different insole is because that is how AE builds shoes with rubber soles, not just factory seconds.

Ricopolico says:

These are two different shoes, NOT a first quality and a “second” of the same shoe. Brooks Brothers and others do the same thing. One level of quality for their stores and another (lower) for their outlets. “Factory seconds”, in this case, is a con job. Just buy a pair of Aldens and don’t worry about the cost; they will be a bargain in the long run.

Patrick Bateman says:

Rubbersole is a choice and not a cost reduction. People associate rubber soles with cheap dress shoes because in the budget price range the shoes usually have rubber soles. But if you opt for a rubber sole on mid to high-end shoes it will cost the same as their leather sole version. edit: Sometimes they charge extra for rubber soles.

Mike Shaw says:

40 pairs of AEs and counting. I did purchase 5 pairs of factory seconds but ended up returning 2 of them. Those two were Strand and McAllister. The problem was the broguing on the shoes did not match each other. So I recommend staying away from factory second shoes with a lot of broguing.  The three I kept were Cornwallis, Yorktown, & Carlyle. Those three were nearly flawless. However, I have found that if you are patient AE has plenty of sales throughout the year and the sale prices are not much more than a factory second. Wait for the sales. Also check out their clearance shoes. Also, AE has the BEST customer service. Buy directly from Allen Edmonds. If there is not a store near you just buy online and keep returning until you find your fit. Still tough though because AE leather is so premium that it takes many wears to break them in and you may think the shoes are to small when you first wear them. Not all of them require breaking in. Just some. Once you got your fit and they are broken in, I swear they are the most comfortable shoes you’ll wear at < $500.

My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter says:

What do you think of Ace Marks?

Rodrigo Diaz says:

Not all AEs are $400 retail.

David Salchert says:

Bro. The danite does not mean factory seconds. That’s just random chance. It’s typically more expensive to get the danite.

Joseph Noa says:

Got my first Allen Edmonds last weekend. Sixth Avenue from Nordstrom Rack and they were $155 after tax. They were factory seconds and had leather soles. The blemishes were nothing that made the shoes look any less desirable. Contacted AE about refracting for future reference and they responded promptly with a yes. For the quality and price of seconds it is definitely worth it!

stef says:

This video explains why factory seconds have rubber soles, I bought a pair recently (other brand). I don’t mind the small errors too much from what I’ve seen. Rubber soles work well in my wet country.

Munozl360 says:

They just had a sale for Labor day weekend. it was 50% off Plus an additional 40% off with code Plus40. It was insane. I spend 450 on what would of been 1800.

Zach Mitchem says:

I have 2 pairs of factory seconds (no firsts, cant afford that as a college student) and they are my favorite shoes I have ever owned! I wish I would have gone and gotten properly sized (will be doing so before buying my next pair) but even with the sizing being off I love them! I won’t be buying any other brand of shoe until I have a solid collection and need something like athletic shoes!

32 ac says:

What color is that I missed it?

woodstock says:

i wouldn’t say allen edmonds is an investment shoe. yes they will last longer and look better but they aren’t going to increase in value over time. just decrease much slower than cheaper shoes.

Victor Gradinaru says:

I’d get them at $110. Not worth more. I mean, come on, it’s a shoe (high quality one, but still), and it has some defects. Still, as it is, this seems to be the best deal for a pair of shoes that’s gonna be worn in public transportation, daily, at your job, in a context where you have to look good, but not phenomenal.

McGiggiti says:

I bought the Park Ave Factory Seconds. Only blemish was in the leather sole,… A couple small dents. Bought it for half price as well.

TXchadTX says:

I have factory seconds shoes and normal retail versions of AE – The differences are hardly noticeable.

Rob says:

I pulled the trigger and just ordered 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes. I’m sold! Got a Factory Seconds St John’s Double Monk Strap Cap Toe Perforated Brogue for $249. it has the leather sole and is Goodyear welted. I also bought from their clearance section. I wanted something I could alternate between casual or dressy. So I bought the Shane Slate Suede shoe which is calfskin, a wingtip and is also Goodyear welted. Snatched it for $197. I am so ecstatic and can’t wait. My poor feet got tired of shoes that hurt and are not breathable. Thank you Kavalier for your invaluable information!!! I am learning a lot!

许·垚 says:

Hi, great video. Im planing to get my hands on one of AE shoes, but eu44 equal to us11 in other brand, however for the AE eu44 equal to us 10? Could u let me know which size your followed when you bought yours? I had a pair of thomas bird in eu44/us11 and it fit really well. I am not living in US.

Steven Degli Angeli says:

Hi Kavilier, I wear a size 13 shoe. Are you able to find this size in stock at Allen Edmonds?

Santhoshi Krishna Mullapudi says:

you are awsome

F Charles D says:

To Clarence Lee. Yes AE will recraft eBay or Nordstrom Rack shoes. As long as they are an Allen Edmonds Shoe and, it is a Goodyear welted shoe, It can be recrafted.

I’ve had two eBay purchases re- crafted at Allen Edmonds over the years. They do a great job with their recrafts

MrVendorist says:

Is this the walnut color?

David Salchert says:

Also the inserts are just different year models, not different quality.

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